Everyone needs to go to the bathroom. It’s a relatively mundane experience but it’s part of our lives and we don’t really think too much about it. But could the bathroom experience be enhanced to make it better and more interesting? Toilet paper manufacturer Charmin certainly seems to think so.

The company has recently taken the wraps off some “cheeky” hi-tech concepts that they have imagined for the bathroom. One of which is called the RollBot, where it is a robot that can deliver toilet paper to you and can be controlled by your smartphone, so no longer will you need to yell out to your mom, siblings, or partners to bring in the toilet paper.

Then there is also the SmellSense, which is an electronic sensor that can “smell” a bathroom to let you know if it’s “safe” for you to go in. If you’ve ever walked into a bathroom right after someone has used it, more often than not it’s not a pleasant experience. Last but not least is the V.I.Pee, which is Charmin’s take on virtual reality.

This is a porta-potty that has been enhanced with virtual reality, so that even when you’re in the bathroom at a concert, you won’t miss out on a single moment. Now, these are pretty funny pieces of tech and we’re not sure if Charmin ever plans to make it a reality, but it’s still fun to think and talk about.

According to Rob Reinerman, Charmin Brand Director, “At Charmin, we’re always on a mission to bring people a better bathroom experience, and while that starts with the best TP, Charmin GoLab allows us to finally expand beyond just the seat. The concepts we’re bringing to CES are a playful way to showcase our relentless obsession with helping people Enjoy the Go now and into the future.”

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