Companies such as Razer have been creating phones with 120Hz refresh rate displays. That’s pretty much as high as it has ever gotten, but it seems that Xiaomi is pushing the envelope with the Redmi K30 5G as the company has demoed the phone with a 144Hz refresh rate, making it the highest refresh rate we’ve seen on a smartphone to date.

Typically speaking, 144Hz refresh rates can be found on monitors aimed at gamers, so it is interesting to see it brought to a smartphone’s display. However, whether or not this is necessary remains to be seen. After all, a higher refresh rate means that the phone needs to do a lot more work.

In turn, this could also result in the phone’s battery being drained unnecessarily due to the higher refresh rate, plus there is also the issue of whether or not people will be able to tell the difference, especially between 120Hz and 144Hz where the difference is marginal. However, at the same time we can understand where Xiaomi is coming from.

In this day and age where our hardware is peaking, small differences such as the refresh rate of a display can be enough to sway customers over to their brand. We should also point out that Xiaomi is not alone in this as Nubia is also working on a smartphone with a display that has a similar refresh rate.

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