pixel 4Unlike in the past when Google used to sell Nexus branded handsets, these days, Google’s Pixel devices tend to launch with features that are exclusive to the current handset. However, to Google’s credit, the company does eventually port some of those features over to its older devices.


The good news for those who do not own Google’s latest Pixel 4 handset is that if automatic call screening was a feature you were interested in, it looks like Google has started rolling out the feature to its older Pixel phones. This includes pretty much all Pixel devices that have ever been produced, such as the Pixel 3, Pixel 2, and according to Android Police, Google has confirmed that the feature is being rolled out to the original Pixel phones as well.

For those who are unfamiliar with the feature, it is pretty much as its name describes. The idea behind the tool is that it will screen your calls for you and those that it deems to be nuisance calls, like robocalls, it won’t let them go through and it won’t make your phone ring, meaning that you won’t be bothered by these spam calls.

Users will also be able to see a transcript of successfully-screened calls in the Dialer app if they wish to get a bit more context on the calls that have been screened. More details about the feature and how to use it can be found on Google’s website.

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