Having a computer that cannot turn on isn’t exactly a new problem and is an issue that many computer owners face from time to time. There are a variety of reasons why this might happen. However, to hear that a computer cannot shut down, that isn’t quite a common problem, but it is one faced by Windows 7 users at the moment.

According to several reports from Windows 7 users, it seems that they have recently run into an issue with Windows 7 that is apparently preventing their computers from properly shutting down. Instead, when they try to shut their computers down, they get the error message that says that they do not have permission to shut down this computer.

Some users have had some luck by running the Group Policy Editor from the command line and forcing permissions, but since we imagine that this isn’t something that many people are familiar with, there are probably still several users out there who don’t know about the unofficial fix. Others have had luck by disabling some Adobe software updates, but it is unclear if Adobe’s software could be the culprit.

Microsoft has since said that they are investigating the issue but it is unclear when a fix will arrive. Microsoft had announced back in January this year that support for Windows 7 had officially come to an end, but if problems like this keep popping up, it could be a while before Microsoft has safely leave Windows 7 behind.

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