As some of you might recall, several years ago, Apple got into trouble when it was revealed that the company had been secretly throttling iPhones as they aged. While it was initially viewed as a way to manipulate customers into upgrading, it was later revealed that this was done as a way to prevent iPhones from shutting down at random due to aging battery life.


Regardless, the fact that Apple never disclosed it until it was discovered led many to being upset, and now it looks like Apple could be owing quite a lot of people money. This is according to a recent settlement that the company has agreed to in which they will be paying up to $500 million out to customers who have been affected by this.

Basically, if at any point in time you have own the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, or the iPhone SE, you will be eligible to claim $25 per iPhone from the company. Based on the court documents, it seems that Apple still isn’t acknowledging that they might have been wrong in their actions, but have decided to pay the settlement in order to avoid the costs of litigation, which could potentially have cost the company more.

The exact settlement is unclear as it has yet to be approved, but it could be adjusted based on how many phones in the US are eligible for it, but the minimum sum that Apple has agreed to is $310 million, and going up to $500 million.

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