iOS 13 dark modeAds are a common part of apps, but they are usually displayed within the app itself. However, it seems that in the future, iOS apps will soon be able to send out ads in push notifications on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. This was something that Apple had previously banned developers from doing, but it looks like they have changed their minds.

This is according to a recent update to Apple’s App Store guidelines where the company will allow developers to send out ads in push notifications. However, before you get too upset at these changes and think that your phone is about to get spammed with ads, not to worry because this all entirely opt-in.

What this means is that while Apple will let push notifications be used for ads, users must explicitly opt in to receive these notifications. If you’d rather not be spammed, then all you need to do is decline to opt in and you should be good. Users who opt in will also have the ability to opt out if they start finding these ads to be too much of a nuisance or too spammy.

Like we said, Apple had previously banned developers from using push notifications from sending out ads, although the company did come under fire for seemingly bending the rules for themselves where they sent out push notifications that came across like ads.

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