Updates are generally welcome since they usually introduce new features, improvements, and bug fixes. However, there have been times when updates actually cause more problems than they solve, and in more severe instances, have been known to cause software to stop working entirely and even brick devices.

Given that a lot of the world is now working and studying from home to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, it seems that Google will be temporarily hitting the pause button on Chrome and Chrome OS updates. In a post made on Twitter, the company announced that this is being done in a bid to help ensure that current software remains as stable as possible, to prevent any potential disruptions.

This makes a ton of sense since how would people be expected to study or work efficiently if software that they are using suddenly stops working as intended, or like we said, potentially bricks their hardware as well. Granted, there hasn’t been any reported cases of Chrome or Chrome OS updates bricking hardware to date, but in this critical point in time, why chance it, right?

Google does note that they will still be prioritizing software updates that are related to security, so there’s that, just don’t expect to see other types of updates anytime soon.

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