There is the popular saying where if something is too good to be true, there is a good chance that it probably is. However, not all of us can afford the things we want in life, and who can resist a good deal, right? That’s what happened over in the UK where student Dre Twenti got cheated out of 1,200 pounds for what he thought was a MacBook Pro.

According to Twenti, “Me and my girlfriend were approached by a guy next to the sixth form centre in West Bromwich. I was asked if I’d like to buy a laptop which I thought was dodgy but still went and had a peek, it was a Apple Mac Pro. He also had few other items so I asked to take a look – three iPhone 11s.”

As it seemed like a good deal, Twenti went and withdrew 700 pounds from the bank and an additional 500 pounds in the form of vouchers from JD Sports, because the seller told him that he was planning to go there anyway. He followed the seller back to the car where he was passed the goods, inspected them, and left.

However, it was only when he got home that he realized that he had been a victim of a bait and switch, where he found two bottles of lemonade where a MacBook Pro should have been. We’re not sure if Twenti will ever get his money back, but he has since accepted it as an expensive lesson.

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