When the Nintendo Switch was first announced, there were only two color options for the Joy-Cons that gamers could choose from: grey or a red-blue color scheme. The latter was the most popular and was quickly sold out. Nintendo has also since introduced a bunch of different color scheme combos for customers to choose from.


However, it seems that if you’re in Japan, Nintendo has reintroduced the ability for customers to actually come up with their own color schemes. The company was said to have offered this in the past, but it looks like it is back again. For those unfamiliar, the Joy-Cons are sold in their own color scheme combos.

This means gamers are stuck with the color combos offered to them by Nintendo. However, with this new made-to-order option being offered in Japan, gamers can create their own color schemes by combining various Joy-Con colors that were not previously offered. Prior to this, gamers who wanted a custom look had to order multiple Joy-Cons.

Either that or they would need to resort to third-party Joy-Con covers, which also involved them having to take apart the Joy-Con, which we imagine isn’t a process that all Switch owners are willing to undertake. We’re not sure if this new made-to-order feature will be launching in other parts of the world, so your best bet right now would be to get a friend from Japan to send it to you.

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