Last year, AT&T decided to change the labeling on its phones where instead of displaying LTE, the company “upgraded” it to “5G E”. This caused a bit of controversy as it was not technically 5G, and some felt that by using the term “5G”, it would mislead customers into thinking that they had 5G when they really did not.

That being said, moving forwards it seems that AT&T has agreed that they will stop using the “5G Evolution” term. This is after the National Advertising Review Board agreed that by using the term, it would mislead customers into believing that they were connected to a 5G network even if they weren’t.

The panel also agreed that by using the “Evolution” term, it was unlikely that it would not be enough where customers could reasonably tell the services apart. It should be noted that in order to connect to 5G, you would need a 5G plan and a device that actually comes with hardware that supports it.

Simply changing the label does not make a difference, hence the confusion. AT&T has since stated that they will comply with the NARB’s decision, even if they “respectfully disagrees with the reasoning and result reached by the Panel majority.”

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