There have been some conspiracy theories floating about regarding 5G, where some are claiming that it can contribute to health problems. More recently, some conspiracy theories are being floated where it suggests that 5G is somehow linked to the coronavirus pandemic. This has resulted in cellphone towers being set on fire in both the UK and Canada.

To make things worse, there have even been reports that claims that operators are being attacked and harassed during work as a result of these conspiracies. To that end, the Canadian government has since launched an informative website in which they attempt to provide people with more factual information about 5G.

This website will contain information meant to counter the misinformation and conspiracy theories that are out there, in hopes that maybe coming from a more official source, people will believe it instead of some random post made on social media, or a shady website. The website also reassures that 5G devices will be required to meet radio frequency exposure requirements before they can be sold in Canada.

This means that for those worried about potentially getting cancer from these radio waves, they can rest assured that there are requirements set in place that prevents devices that go over the safety limit from being sold. Conspiracy theories and misinformation will always exist, but hopefully this website will make them less believable.

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