The ability to turn your digital camera into a webcam isn’t new. Streamers have been doing it for quite a while now in order to achieve the best possible quality for their streams. However, the problem is that it isn’t always the most straightforward of solutions as sometimes it involves purchasing additional hardware and downloading third-party software.

Not too long ago, Canon released a software that made it easier for users of its cameras to turn its camera into webcams, and now it looks like Fujifilm is looking to do the same. According to a recent live stream from Fujifilm India, one of the members of the product team was asked about using Fujifilm’s cameras as a webcam, in which they responded by saying that there could be firmware in development that would make it a plug-and-play solution.

According to one of the members from the team (as transcribed by Fuji Rumors), “I can not say about it definitely, but I have heard from the developing team that we are developing something and they are soon going to release a firmware. There will be plug-and-play, and the X series camera will become like a webcam. Yes, I have heard they are working on it, but I have no confirmation at this moment. But definitely they are doing something. Something is cooking.”

It does not sound like this is an official announcement, but if true, then this is something that users can look forward to in the future. At the moment webcams are seeing an explosion in popularity due to the number of people working and studying from home and using video conferencing apps like Zoom, so if you’re looking to kick things up a notch, this is an update worth keeping an eye out for.

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