Taking out unauthorized drones from the skies usually involves shooting it down. However, the problem with this more conventional method is that as a result, the drone will fall uncontrollably and could hurt or damage people or property below it. However, an Australian company by the name of DroneShield thinks they might have a safer solution.

The company has designed a rifle-shaped device called the DroneGun Tactical that is able to shoot drones out of the sky using radio waves. This is essentially a frequency jammer of sorts where it removes the control of the drone from its operator. So wouldn’t this cause the drone to just fall out of the sky?

According to DroneShield, it won’t. This is because “most” modern drones have apparently been designed to automatically land itself when its frequency is jammed. This means that the drone will continue to operate and will engage landing protocols instead of simply tumbling to the ground from the sky.

The DroneGun Tactical weighs about 14 pounds and has a range of 1.2 miles and can be operated by a single person, making it a mobile solution that can be used on the go and pretty much anywhere, and making it ideal for military or law enforcement use.

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