If you follow the world of “influencers” and YouTubers (sometimes the same thing), then chances are you’ve come across several controversies, scandals, and drama. More often than not, this results in that particular person issuing an apology video in which they act all somber to show that they are truly sorry for whatever trouble they might have caused.


Now it seems that one YouTuber and influencer, James Charles, is using his experience by teaching other upcoming YouTubers and influencers on how to craft their own apology video that will make them seem more sincere, and with their apology sounding more convincing. This is part of Charles’ YouTube Premium series, Instant Influencer, which is a reality show for aspiring beauty stars.

Speaking to the contestants, Charles was quoted as saying, “Take this from me because I’ve had to deal with this. As an influencer, when you grow a following, you might either say or do something that people might not like or agree with, and eventually, you might have to apologize.”

It is a rather interesting video, although now that Charles has sort of “given away” the “secrets” to a good apology video, we’re not sure if it will be as effective in the future, especially if people know what goes on behind-the-scenes. But hey, if you’ve ever needed to craft an apology video, maybe this could give you some useful tips.

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