Back in November last year, Adobe announced that they were developing a new app called Photoshop Camera. For those who might have missed the announcement, basically this is a camera app that comes with a variety of lenses and filters that allows users to take all kinds of funky and interesting photos.

The app, following the announcement, was made available as a public preview. However, for those who missed out on the preview, the good news is that Adobe has since released the app in full where users on both iOS and Android will be able to download it. The best part is that it is also free.

We suppose there might have been some who were worried that due to it having Photoshop in its name that it might be tied into the Photoshop software, and could cost money, but it seems that it is only in name. The app comes with various filters and effects that users can use to snap photos and also make some minor edits, but that’s pretty much it.

For now, Photoshop Camera is a rather simplistic app that does what many other apps already do. Granted it does have its own unique filters, but we’re not sure if it might warrant users downloading it when there are a plethora of options baked into existing apps already. However, if you are interested, you’ll be able to download from the App Store or Google Play.

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