If you’re someone who has bought into Apple’s ecosystem, you know how easy Apple makes it to sync across your devices. This is not a bad thing, save for Safari in which in terms of the number of extensions available for it, it simply isn’t quite on the same level compared to the likes of Google Chrome.

However, the good news is that moving forwards, Safari users should be able to look forward to more extensions. This is because during WWDC 2020, Apple announced a new tool in which it would make it easier for developers to bring their Chrome, Firefox, or Edge extensions over to Safari without necessarily having to learn to code in Apple’s languages like Objective-C or Swift.

This can be done by putting the extension through Apple’s conversion tool where it will check to see if it will work properly, after which developers can then package it in an Xcode project, and submit it to the App Store for approval (the App Store will also be where users can find extensions for Safari).

As far as end-users are concerned, Apple has also made it so that they can choose how some extensions run. For example if there is an extension you rarely use or only need to use it a couple of times, Apple will give users the option of activating an extension only for a day so that in the future, even if you don’t remove it from Safari, it will not run.

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