All batteries have a lifespan, and by that we don’t mean how long it can last on a single charge, but rather how many times it is capable of charging before it stops being effective. Given that the batteries are essentially the heart of an electric car, this is doubly important compared to regular fuel-powered cars.

However, the good news for the electric car industry is that according to a report from Bloomberg, a company by the name of Contemporary Amperex Technology claims to have developed a new battery cell for EVs that they are boasting will be able to last 1.24 million miles. To put that into context, that is roughly worth 16 years worth of driving, which means that this battery should in theory last you for the lifespan of the entire car, since most of us rarely keep cars that long.

Also, to give you some perspective, at the moment the average EV battery is good for about 200,000 miles, so this new battery will last about 6 times longer. The company does not mention how they managed to achieve such a long lifespan, but it has apparently caught the eye of Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, who is said to have visited the company in China and will be using their batteries in future Tesla Model 3 cars.

These batteries are also going to be more expensive, about 10% more than existing offerings, but given their alleged lifespan, it might be worth it if it means you’ll never have to worry about replacing your car’s battery again.

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