As our computers run, even if you’re not doing anything particularly intensive, it can get hot. Heat is the enemy when it comes to computer operations and having your computer run too hot can cause it to stop performing optimally, and over an extended period of time, can even lead to components getting damaged.

This is why ensuring your computer has proper cooling is important. However, for the most part a lot of cooling focuses on the brain of the computer, its CPU, but Thermaltake thinks that more components deserve to be cooled and have since taken the wraps off their new Floe RC360 and Floe RC240 liquid cooling systems that cool not just your CPU, but your RAM as well.

Now before you get too excited, it seems that not all RAM modules will play nicely with Thermaltake’s cooling system. Instead, for now it appears that it will only work with the TOUGHRAM RC memory modules, so if you own a different set of RAM modules, you would be out of luck.

Whether or not this is a bit overkill is up to you to decide. For overclockers who love pushing their rigs to the limits, we suppose having more components cooled isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but we imagine that for the most part, most users will be happy with just cooling their CPUs.

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