Thermaltake Launches Gaming Chair With A Built-In Cooling System

If you’re someone who sits at their desk all day, then you know that having a good chair is important. This is why there are various companies who have created office chairs designed to be ergonomical and comfortable. However if you’re looking for some next-level comfort, Thermaltake might have the answer.

Thermaltake Unveils New Wall Mountable PC Case

We have seen many types of PC cases in the past, but if you’re looking for one that can potentially be mounted on your wall, for whatever reason, you might be interested to learn that Thermaltake has recently announced the Core P5. This is a new case from the company that not only features a see through display, but the ability to be wall mounted. One of the highlights of […]

Thermaltake Accused Of Stealing Designs Of Its Competitors

There are plenty of computer chassis makers in the market at the moment. Brands such as Corsair, NZXT, Fractal Design, Cooler Master, and Thermaltake are just some of the few that are pretty popular amongst gamers and modders. Each brand has a unique design to them that makes them appeal to gamers, but recently it looks like Thermaltake has come under fire for allegedly copying the designs of its competitors.

Thermaltake Announces GOrb II Portable Laptop Cooler

We know that Thermaltake has dipped their toes in the laptop cooling market in the past, and it looks like the company is back with another laptop cooling solution, albeit in a more portable form factor. Dubbed the GOrb II, this is apparently a pocket-friendly ball-shaped cooling device that laptop owners can bring around with them on the go without worry about adding unnecessary bulk or how they are going […]


Thermaltake 8400mAh Portable Power Pack

One of the banes of modern day gizmos would be power – or rather, the possible lack of it when you need it the most. Of course, the owner of the device would also need to be responsible in the first place by ensuring that said device is well charged before the day begins, but for those sudden senior moments in life, you can always fall back on peripherals such […]

BMW And Thermaltake To Work Together Again

Who would that thought that automotive company BMW has managed to cobble together some of their engineers to work alongside Thermaltake in the past, coming up with the decadent Level 10 M mouse along the way? Well, it seems that their previous partnership brought nothing but good memories between the two, which is why both Thermaltake and BMW will be having another go, sporting the all new Level 10 M […]

Level 10 M gaming mouse from Thermaltake and BMW DesignworksUSA is very real

Now, a BMW that I can finally afford without having to sell off my firstborn – the Level 10 M gaming mouse that hails from Thermaltake and BMW Designworks USA. We talked about it earlier this year, and it seems that the Level 10 M gaming mouse has finally made the jump from concept to the real world. Just what kind of hardware do you think you can find underneath […]

Thermaltake intros Black Element Cyclone Edition mouse with fan and adjustable weight

Yes, you read the title right. It’s a mouse with a fan. Finally, a relief to my sweaty palms dilemma. Computer parts manufacturer Thermaltake has recently introduced its Black Element Cyclone Edition gaming mouse that is equipped with a small fan. The 30mm fan can reportedly operate up to 6,000 RPM. And if you are worried about getting distracted from the fan’s noise, Thermaltake said that it will operate quietly, […]

Aztec inspired Thermaltake Level 10 GT PC chassis mod looks amazingly detailed

If you consider yourself to be a history buff, then perhaps this Aztec inspired Thermaltake Level 10 GT PC chassis mod might be to your liking. Designed by Dan, a.k.a dmcgarth, this Aztec chassis mod was put together using Balsa Foam that provided the mod with its texture and stone-like finish. It looks like a lot of thought was put into this and the case mod looks extremely detailed (it […]

Level 10 M Mouse by Thermaltake and BMW Group DesignWorksUSA

A few years ago, Thermaltake and BMW Group’s subsidiary DesignWorksUSA came up with the Level 10 GT computer case which featured a futuristic, aesthetically pleasing and functional design. Now it looks like the duo is back with the introduction of the Level 10 M Mouse. The Level 10 M Mouse takes design cues from the Level 10 GT computer case and is touted to be ergonomic, impressive looking and good […]

Thermaltake Transporter Carry Bag

If you frequently attend LAN parties, and you prefer bringing an entire CPU as opposed to a gaming laptop, Thermaltake has a solution for you that will help make it easier on you whenever you have to lug your entire rig around with you.

Thermaltake Massive 23 GT laptop cooler for gamers

Unfortunately for laptop users, the fans found in laptops certainly cannot be compared to the fans found in desktop computers. This is probably due to size being a limiting factor, not to mention the way laptops are positioned on tables, well it’s just asking to be overheated. Laptop coolers help to deal with overheating but sometimes even your standard laptop cooler may not be strong enough, especially if you’re running […]

Thermaltake Level 10 GT computer case

Thermaltake are no strangers to cool computer case designs and now the company is back again with the Level 10 GT computer case, an upgrade from the previous Level 10 computer case that was co-designed with the BMW Group Designworks USA. This updated version has a similar design to the original but offers some unique features such as a USB 3.0 port, a new cooling system that uses 200mm fans […]

Thermaltake Max 5G storage enclosure sports dual fan design

The Thermaltake Max 5G storage enclosure solution is the first in the world to come with a dual-fan design, sporting two 80mm fans that is capable of effectively exhaust heat out of the storage enclosure in order to lower the mercury levels (that is, the temperature) within. Apart from that, the Thermaltake Max 5G also comes with a high level of compatibility by implementing eSATA and USB 2.0 interfaces with […]