With all the success that TikTok is having (recent controversies aside), it’s not surprising that other companies are looking to create something similar, and it looks like YouTube is one of them. The company has announced that in one of their latest experiments, they will be testing out a new feature that allows users to upload 15-second video segments from their mobile devices.

According to the company, “We’re testing out a new way for creators to easily record multiple clips directly in the YouTube mobile app and upload as one video. If you’re in this experiment, you’ll see an option to ‘create a video’ in the mobile upload flow.” Each video is capped at 15 seconds, but users will be able to record longer clips that will then be broken up into individual 15-second segments.

This seems to be YouTube’s way of taking on the likes of TikTok and also given the multiple video segments, it sounds like they’re looking to challenge Instagram and Snapchat’s Stories feature as well. YouTube is not alone in trying to replicate the success of TikTok. Instagram had announced last year a new feature called Reels that more or less did the same thing.

YouTube’s advantage is that they are more established and have a massive user base, but its platform is clearly not aimed at the same users that TikTok is attracting, so it is unclear how successful this experiment will be.

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