Twitch is mostly known for being a livestreaming platform aimed at gamers, although in recent years it has expanded to cover non-gaming activities. Now it looks like Amazon wants to expand Twitch’s streaming technology to cover not just gaming, but also businesses as well in the form of a new platform called Amazon Interactive Video Service.

If this sounds familiar, it is because earlier this year, it was rumored that Amazon was looking to perhaps allow businesses to host livestreams on Twitch. The report was semi-accurate because while Amazon won’t be using Twitch to host businesses, they will be using Twitch’s streaming technology to help power this new platform.

According to Amazon, “Amazon IVS removes the cost and complexity associated with setting up live, interactive video streams, allowing customers to focus on building engaging experiences for their viewers. Amazon IVS is a fully managed service that makes high-quality, live-streaming video available to viewers around the world with latency that can be less than three seconds (as opposed to 20-30 seconds), so customers no longer need to make a tradeoff between interactivity and quality of service.”

Amazon is also hoping to set their service apart from other platforms that offer streaming, such as Facebook and YouTube. This will be accomplished by allowing businesses to customize their streams, like showing additional information when a product appears on screen, adding a buy button for specific products, and so on.

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