There is growing concern that because of the amount of antibiotics we are prescribed, that eventually our bodies will develop resistance against them which means that it will make it harder to fight off infections in the future, especially when we need to. However, thanks to a 1,000 medieval recipe, it appears that maybe a more natural antibiotic solution has been found.


Dubbed Bald’s eyesalve, it seems that this antibiotic was created using rather natural ingredients such as onion, garlic, wine, and bile salts (taken from a cow’s stomach). Given that it was made with a bunch of natural products rather than a single compound, the researchers have found that it gives Bald’s eyesalve the potential to be a potent anti-biofilm.

The researchers believe that such a recipe could be used to treat certain illnesses that might be particularly prone to be resistant to antibiotics, like diabetic foot infections which are known to be a super-resistant biofilm infection that can lead to sepsis and end up with patients having their toes, feet, or lower legs amputated.

Of course, with all medicine, there needs to be testing to ensure that it is safe for consumption. So far based on their initial tests, the researchers have found that it has a “promising safety profile”, but further testing will need to be done to be certain.

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