During the earlier days of the smartphone before Qualcomm pretty much dominated the scene, companies such as NVIDIA and Texas Instruments were also making mobile chipsets of their own to compete. While NVIDIA is still kind of making chipsets for certain devices like their SHIELD products and the Nintendo Switch, it’s safe to say that they aren’t quite as mainstream compared to Qualcomm.

However, it seems that could change in the future because according to a report from Bloomberg, NVIDIA is apparently interested in buying ARM off Softbank. In case you haven’t heard, Softbank is mulling selling off Arm Holdings. It was opined that Apple purchasing ARM would make a lot sense, especially with Apple transitioning to their own custom silicon.

The report from Bloomberg is alleging that NVIDIA is now one of the companies that is interested and is said to have approached ARM with a possible deal. Now, this is hardly a confirmation that NVIDIA will buy ARM since the latter needs to accept the offer, and the report does not state if ARM is even interested.

If NVIDIA were able to acquire ARM, it could be a huge deal for the company because despite Qualcomm, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and MediaTek making their own chipsets, they still license the core technology from ARM. Being able to reap those licensing fees from these companies would be a massive revenue boost for NVIDIA, which could also help them potentially make a huge return to the mobile chipset market.

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