When it comes to the web experience, obviously web design and its user interface plays a vital role in allowing users to have a good experience. However, there are other factors to consider, such as page loading times. After all, what good is having a fantastic website design if the pages take forever to load?

This is why Google is making some changes to Chrome for Android in which they will start labeling websites that they consider to be a “fast page”. Right now, the feature still seems rather basic where Android users will have to long-press on a link in order to see the label, but presumably in the future it will make it more obvious during search results.

According to Google, “‘Fast page’ labelling may badge a link as fast if the URL (or URLs like it) have been historically fast for other users. When labelling, historical data from a site’s URLs with similar structure are aggregated together. Historical data is evaluated on a host-by-host basis when the URL data is insufficient to assess speed or is unavailable, for example, when the URL is new or less popular.”

That being said, there are of course other factors that can cause pages to load slowly. It could be a sudden influx of web traffic, like when everyone is rushing to buy a new product that was launched. Or it could be slow internet on their end. Either way, hopefully these labels will encourage web developers to step up in their website design to make them more efficient at loading.

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