If there is a reason why Google’s ChromeOS platform isn’t quite as mainstream compared to Windows or macOS, the limited number of apps could be cited as a possible reason why. After all, a platform is only as good as the features it can offer its users. While there’s nothing wrong with ChromeOS, having more apps available could help make it a more attractive alternative to Windows or macOS.

Google is hoping to encourage this by launching a new site called ChromeOS.dev in which they are hoping to basically create a space where new and budding developers, as well as seasoned ones, can find all the resources that they might need in order to develop and create more Android apps for Chromebook devices.

According to a Google spokesperson, the site is meant to “help developers maximize their capabilities on the platform through technical resources/tutorials, product announcements, code samples and more”. Some of the new tools that Google is offering includes a full Android emulator for ChromeOS that will make it easier for developers to test their apps as well as deploy them without the need for additional hardware or by connecting external devices.

Google had previously tried to expand on the functionality of ChromeOS by making Android apps compatible with the platform, so hopefully this new website will make it even easier for new developers to try creating apps for it.

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