Google has made many attempts over the years at creating video calling apps. Admittedly this has created something of a confusing situation as users probably don’t know which to use. Right now, Google has Duo and Meet, so like we said, there is the question of which app should users use?

According to 9to5Google, it seems that Google will make that decision easier as they have heard that apparently, Google plans to eventually replace Duo with Meet. Once this happens, Duo will be gone and Google will only have one video calling platform, which is Meet, although we’re not sure if this will be rebranded as the publication claims that internally, the merging of both services has been referred to as Duet (Duo + Meet).

For those unfamiliar, Duo and Meet both serve two different types of users, with Duo more focused on regular users, while Meet is more geared towards enterprise users. However, Google is apparently looking to create a unified platform that can be used for both enterprise and regular users, kind of like how Zoom is used for fun while also used for businesses and by professionals.

It is unclear when this will happen, but it seems that there were already signs that this was in the works. Recently, Google integrated Meet with Gmail, giving the platform more prominence, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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