Apple’s Touch Bar feature is kind of hit or miss. While it is no doubt a fantastic idea on paper, in reality, it isn’t quite the killer feature that we’re sure Apple was hoping it would be and how it would change the landscape of laptop computing. However, the good news is that Apple could apparently be working on a second-gen Touch Bar.

This is according to a tweet by leakster Komiya who claims that a second-gen Touch Bar could be in development. At this point in time, it is unclear what kind of changes that Apple could make to a second-gen Touch Bar. Right now the issue really isn’t with the hardware itself, but the software and how apps take advantage of it.

Because there are no set rules on what apps can do with it, the experience varies from app to app. For example, some photo or video editing apps might have more use for Touch Bar than other apps like social media apps or word processing software. As such, not everyone sees the need or use for the hardware feature.

We’re not sure what kind of changes Apple might make to it that would make it more attractive, but perhaps we could be looking at an improved display, maybe even haptic feedback so that users can feel what they’re touching. Either way, take it with a grain of salt for now and hopefully we’ll have more details in the near future.

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