Twitter is used by people all over the world, and as such, tweets can come in many different languages. Generally speaking, tweets made in a particular language are usually targeted towards people who speak that language, but at the same time, we’re sure that some of you might be curious as to what those tweets are saying.

Sure, you could put them through a translation tool like Google Translate, but it’s one extra step. The good news is that according to Twitter Brazil, they have revealed that the company is working on a translation tool that will translate tweets so that users will be able to get a translation of a tweet in another language without having to use external tools or services.

It also seems that it might not even be an option, meaning that if your Twitter language is set to English, all tweets made in another language will be automatically converted and translated into English when you see them. The feature is currently in testing over in Brazil, and while it sounds useful, it seems that some users aren’t thrilled by the automatic translations as they have been enabled by default.

We understand what they mean as there are a lot of subtleties and nuances in language that can be lost during the translation process. There are also certain words or expressions that might not necessarily make sense when translated, which could only serve to add confusion. However, this is a test and we imagine that Twitter will probably refine the feature over time.

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