There are many videos on YouTube, many of which are in a variety of languages. We imagine that some creators would love to reach a more international audience which is why some bother to actually upload captions, or rely on the community to add captions for them. Unfortunately, the latter feature is about to come to an end.

YouTube has announced that on the 28th of September, 2020, they will be putting an end to community submitted captions. According to the company, this comes on the heels of various complaints and feedback that YouTube has gotten from creators, where they have found that some of these community submitted captions involve spam, abuse, or are simply not good enough.

According to YouTube, “As a result, the feature is rarely used with less than 0.001% of channels having published community captions (showing on less than 0.2% of watch time) in the last month. Instead, creators are using YouTube’s alternative captioning tools.”  To that end, YouTube has decided that the feature is no longer worth supporting.

Instead, YouTube creators who want to add their own captions will either need to create it and upload it manually themselves, or rely on YouTube’s own automatic caption tool. Captions that have already been submitted will continue to remain, and those in draft will also be kept available and will need to be published in the next 60 days.

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