One of the more fun features of Amazon’s Alexa is that the company allows you to switch out the voices of Alexa to those of your favorite celebrity (where available). If you love the idea, you might be interested to learn that Amazon has since updated its Samuel L. Jackson voice feature where it will now have a new wake phrase.

Previously, users would have to say “Hey Alexa” to wake up the digital assistant, but with this update, users with the Samuel L. Jackson voice pack will be able to wake the digital assistant by saying, “Hey Samuel” instead. Amazon notes that “Hey Alexa” will still work, but users will have an alternative if that’s what they prefer.

Also, given that Jackson is known for his hard hitting use of profanity, users will also have the option to have expletives turned on or off for a more “realistic” experience. The company has also expanded on the number of phrases the actor says through Alexa, where previously it was kind of limited, but now there will be around 30,000 different phrases that the actor will be capable of saying.

That being said, the voice pack isn’t free and if you are interested in having Jackson live inside of your Alexa enabled smart speaker or display, you’ll have to pay $0.99 for that privilege.

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