Our planet consists of a finite number of resources that will eventually run out. This is why many are starting to turn towards creating alternative, more sustainable technology, like relying on solar or kinetic energy, and so on. However, it is possible that maybe one day, we would need to seek out living arrangements on a completely different planet.

So far, Mars seems to be the favorite choice, and it seems that that future could be close at hand, at least if Elon Musk has his way. According to Musk who was speaking at the ExploreMars.org Twitch stream last month, he revealed his plans to send people onto Mars in 2024, ahead of his plans of building a self-sustaining city by 2050.

Musk does not mince words when describing his plans, noting that it would be very hard, dangerous, and there’s a good chance that we might survive it. However, we suppose we all have to start somewhere. Through his SpaceX company, Musk envisions building as many as 1,000 Starships which he estimates would take about nine years to ferry a million people to Mars.

Whether or not he will be able to meet his deadline remains to be seen, but it is an exciting prospect to think that maybe one day, future generations might not call Earth their home anymore.

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