While Samsung was seemingly the first to publicly reveal that they were looking into an under-display front-facing camera, they have yet to release such a solution. Instead, companies like ZTE and Xiaomi have beaten them to the punch, but there could be a good reason for the delay.


According to a tweet by Ice Universe, they are claiming that Samsung will finally have their own solution ready in 2021 and that it could make its way to the Galaxy S21. The tweet alleges that apparently Samsung has “stricter requirements” when it comes to the camera quality, which is why they have taken longer than the competition to bring their solution to the market.

One of the concerns of under-display cameras is the quality of the image that is being captured. Since the lens would effectively need to shoot through an additional layer of glass, obviously this will impact the image. This is why it has not been as straightforward as sticking a camera under the display and calling it a day.

That being said, we haven’t seen the samples from ZTE or Xiaomi yet so we’re not sure if these companies have managed to overcome these issues successfully and if there might be a noticeable difference. Either way we’ll have to wait, but until then, take it with a grain of salt.

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