The other day, Microsoft confirmed the Xbox Series S console. The console will be priced at $299 and one of the ways Microsoft managed to get the price down is by reducing the storage capacity of the console. Instead of coming with 1TB of storage, it will come with 512GB of storage, which might not be enough for some.

The good news is that according to Microsoft, they say that gamers who wish to expand on the storage of their Series S consoles will be able to do so through storage expansion cards. For those unfamiliar, there are storage expansion cards that are being sold that expand on the storage of consoles which typically come with a fixed storage.

For example, Seagate sells storage expansion cards designed for consoles, so if you think that 512GB isn’t enough, you can always buy storage expansion that will add up to 1TB of additional space. For those concerned about performance, Microsoft claims that using storage expansion cards will still be able to enjoy “full speed and performance”.

Of course, storage won’t be the only compromise Microsoft made with the Series S over the Series X. The GPU will also not be quite as powerful where it features a 4 teraflop GPU, which while Microsoft claims is three times as powerful as the Xbox One, pales in comparison to the Xbox Series X which uses a 12.15 teraflop GPU.

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