Online harassment and cyberbullying is getting out of control. We’ve seen so many lives needlessly lost as people commit suicide as a result of non-stop harassment from their peers or strangers online. This is why social media platforms like Instagram have taken steps to ensure that will not happen, or at least reduce its occurrence.

In their latest efforts to curb online bullying, Instagram is expanding on its anti-bullying mechanism where they will now warn users that repeated actions could result in their accounts getting deleted. Prior to this, Instagram actually tried to be nicer about it by warning users that comments containing certain keywords or phrases could be viewed as not being very nice.

The idea is that the company is hoping that by encouraging users to think twice before posting a nasty comment that they won’t. However, these changes suggests that Instagram wants to be more proactive about it by warning users of the potential consequences of their actions. Of course, whether or not users will actually take a step back to reconsider their actions remains to be seen, but it’s good to see Instagram is being active about it.

Instagram already has several features in place to protect users against online bullying. This includes the ability to hide comments, disable comments entirely, and so on. So this is just one extra feature that will help fight against cyberbullying.

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