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With every release of the iPhone, Apple releases some new official cases to go with them. Now, with the previous iPhones that sported rounded corners, Apple left the bottom of the cases empty to allow the speaker to be used unobstructed. However, with the new iPhone 12, Apple has redesigned the case to feature speaker holes.

Unfortunately for some customers who ordered these cases, it seems that someone at Apple forgot to do QC because there have been reports of people receiving their iPhone 12 cases without speaker holes cut out in them. What this means is that if you were to put the phone into the case, the absence of the cut outs means that sound cannot pass through and will end up muffled.

According to a thread on Reddit, the person claims that when they reached out to Apple, an advisor  told them that the case was not meant to have any holes. Obviously this doesn’t make sense since the speakers are located at the bottom of the phone, if there are no holes, how will the sound go through?

A video uploaded to Imgur shows that there are actually indents in the inner portion of the case that shows holes that were meant to be cut for the speakers, but for some reason it wasn’t. That being said, it is unclear how many customers are affected by it, but if you do receive one without speaker hole cut outs, you should be able to get a replacement from Apple by reaching out to them.

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