The iPhone 12’s have been available for pre-order since last Friday, and it looks like some people are already starting to receive their units earlier than expected. As such, unboxing videos of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are starting to surface, with the first being uploaded by Ben Geskin.

What’s interesting about the iPhone 12 unboxing videos is that it gives us a first look at the new packaging that Apple is using. For those who missed the iPhone 12 announcement, one of the changes Apple is making to the iPhone 12 is the packaging, where they are making it smaller and slimmer.

This is done by removing accessories like the EarPods and the power adapter. Apple claims that this is meant to reduce Apple’s overall carbon footprint, since less accessories means less plastics needed to make them. It also reduces the size of the box which equates to less materials used.

The smaller boxes also means that Apple can fit more units onto a single shipping pallet, thus allowing them to ship out more units at once and potentially reduce the amount of trips they need to make. Some think it’s mostly about Apple trying to reduce costs and increase their profit margins, but either way, if you’re curious you can check out the iPhone 12 Pro unboxing in the video above.

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