Ever since Apple announced the Apple Card, we’re starting to see more tech companies hop on board the credit card bandwagon, and now it looks like Razer is interested in offering something similar of their own called (unsurprisingly) the Razer Card.

In concept, the Razer Card is pretty similar to other similar cards where it can be used to facilitate digital payments through Razer Pay, as well as being used as a physical card that you might use at a retail outlet. However, unlike Apple Pay, the Razer Card is more like a prepaid card where you load money on it before you use it.

In a way, this is better because it won’t put you in unnecessary debt, and you could also argue that it is safer because if someone were to steal it, they wouldn’t be able to go on a crazy spending spree, unless of course you were to load up a lot of money on it, in which it would then be a different story.

Razer is offering the Razer Card in two options where one will be a standard card that comes in black, and there will also be a Premium version that comes with a built-in LED inside the Razer logo that glows green when you use it to pay for stuff. Right now the Razer Card is being tested out in Singapore, but it is expected to eventually find its way to other markets upon receiving regulatory approval.

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