Bitcoin has been around for a while now and presumably, there have been people mining for the cryptocurrency from the early days, and also presumably, those people might have amassed quite a collection over the years. In fact, there has been one particular Bitcoin wallet that has been closely watched by cryptocurrency enthusiasts for a while.

This is because this particular Bitcoin wallet contained 69369.16716000 BTC, which when converted using the current value of Bitcoin, amounts to a whopping $964 million. Yup, there was someone who was sitting on close to $1 billion worth of cryptocurrency, and what’s gotten the cryptocurrency community worked up is that someone has just emptied it out.

Given how much it contained, it did not come as a surprise to learn that over the years, hackers have been attempting to break into it using methods like bruteforce attacks to try and guess the password that protects the wallet. Right now, it is unclear if the wallet was emptied out by its owner, or if there is a hacker (or a group of hackers) who have managed to break into it.

Either way, the Bitcoin is all gone and has been moved to another Bitcoin wallet, so unless the person who owns (or owned) its contents comes forward, we’ll never really know what happened and why it was suddenly withdrawn.

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