With the latest iPhone 12 series, Apple has introduced a bunch of new colors and accessories, and some of you out there might actually care about how they look like when put together. This is why Apple has launched the iPhone 12 Studio website that is accessible on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.

What this website does is that it allows users to configure their iPhones and the available MagSafe accessories so that users can find the best combination in terms of color options. This is a virtual dressing rooms of sorts where you first pick the color of the iPhone that you plan on purchasing, then you add on other accessories like the MagSafe case and the MagSafe wallet.

Given the different color combinations out there, this lets users try and put together certain looks before deciding to purchase. While it is possible to go to an Apple Store and try it in person, this lets you do it from the comfort of your own home. Given that the pandemic is far from over, having these kinds of online tools will make things a lot easier and also safer if you’d rather not put yourself at risk.

At the moment, this website is only accessible on mobile devices so you’ll have to use your smartphone or tablet to access it.

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