On Twitch, you have all kinds of streamers. Some of whom just stream for fun, and then there are also those who stream for a living, or at least attempt to supplement their income from money they earn through Twitch. The entry-level tier is the Affiliate status that streamers would have to earn.

However, it seems that Twitch has announced a partnership with Monstercat which would effectively allow streamers to “buy” an Affiliate status. This comes in the form of purchasing a subscription to Monstercat Gold for $5 a month, which grants them Affiliate status and also unlocks a library of songs that they can use during their streams.

Unsurprisingly, this has riled up many streamers who had to work for their Affiliate status. For those unfamiliar, to earn an Affiliate status, you would have to have at least 50 followers, 500 minutes of total broadcast, an average of 3 or more concurrent viewers, and also stream on 7 different days. This can be a daunting task, but for $5 a month, you can skip all that hassle.

In a way, it reminds us of those pay-to-win kind of games, where you could in theory work and harm for gear and upgrades, but those who have the money can simply buy their way to the top. We’re not sure if this could hurt Twitch in the long run as streamers might feel slighted and move to a different platform.

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