If you’re really into robots, then Boston Dynamics is most likely a company that you’ve been following. The company has made some pretty impressive strides over the years with its development on robots, and to end the year, the company has released a new video that shows off its robots dancing.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Boston Dynamics show off their robots dancing. The company had previously shown its Spot robot dog dancing in the past, but in this video, the company has added more of its robots to the lineup, such as its Atlas robot, making for a rather impressive and slightly hilarious video to cap the year with.

We have to say that even though some of the moves do look stiff, for the most part it is still very impressive. The robots are able to dance in sync with each other, perform spins, and even jump in the air. We’d go as far as saying that these robots might actually be able to dance better than some of us!

Now obviously these robots are designed for more than just dancing, but it’s a good video that showcases how nimble these robots have gotten over the years, and if they can pull off agile moves like dancing, what else could they also do?

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