Apple’s MacBooks are currently offered in a couple of different colors, although for the longest time ever, they were only offered in silver. Now, we have been hearing rumors that Apple could actually be working on a redesigned series of MacBooks, and perhaps one of them (or all of them) could eventually come with a matte black finish option.

This is according to a report from Patently Apple in which they discovered that Apple is researching a matte black finish for their MacBook lineup. It might seem weird that Apple is trying to patent a color finish, but it’s not surprising. After all, some companies are associated with certain colors, and being able to achieve a unique matte black finish could help Apple’s laptops stand out from the competition.

It also seems that what Apple is trying to do is achieve a “true black” finish. Right now, most “black” products tend to lean towards dark grey. However, the patent describes how Apple is trying to create a finish that can absorb visible light to give off a more “true black” look that will look more intense than what’s being offered right now.

We’re not sure if Apple is simply toying with the idea of a matte black finish, or if they are serious about pursuing it. However, like we said, the company is expected to unveil new and redesigned laptops next year, so hopefully we’ll see more color options then.

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