According to a recent rumor, it was suggested that in 2021, Apple could finally introduce redesigned MacBook laptops. It was speculated that this would be the M1 (or M2) based MacBooks, but it turns out it will also apply to Intel based MacBooks. This is according to @L0vetodream who has in the past been pretty accurate with their leaks.

To be fair, this actually makes complete sense. When Apple initially announced their plans to transition away from Intel, the company stated that this transition would take place over the course of two years, and that during the time, they would continue to support Intel Mac computer products.

While the M1 Macs have gotten rave reviews in terms of performance, they do lack certain features that Intel Macs have, such as the ability to run the majority of programs out there which have been designed for x86 processors in mind. While the M1 comes with the Rosetta 2 translation software, it is still not necessarily the most ideal setup.

Plus, there are users who want to dual boot Windows and macOS, which currently isn’t possible for the M1s. The Intel-based Macs also support more RAM and can go up to 32GB, which for some is important. In any case, take this with a grain of salt, but like we said, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple continued to churn out Intel based Macs for at least the next year.

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