It’s no secret that Apple’s iPhone is extremely popular, but we reckon that it’s quite a milestone when Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that at the moment, the active install base of the iPhone is sitting at over 1 billion, or to be specific, 1.65 billion worldwide. Cook also revealed that this is an increase from the previous year where there were 1.5 billion devices.

Note that this figure isn’t how many iPhones Apple has sold since the first iPhone was released, but rather how many units are currently in the market and are actively being used. As for total iPhones sold, a report from 2020 had suggested that Apple has sold about 2.2 billion iPhones to date.

Cook also revealed that despite US and China tensions and how it seemed like some customers were ditching the iPhone for Huawei, China continues to remain a massive market. It was reported that overall sales in China rose by 57% to a staggering $21.31 billion. Cook also revealed that two out of three of the top-selling smartphones in urban China belonged to the iPhone.

“We had two of the top three selling smartphones in urban China,” he said, while adding that “upgraders in particular set an all-time record in China.”

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