Google’s Chromebooks are usually seen as a lower-cost alternative laptop for those who need a laptop but don’t want to spend too much money. It is also perfect for those who don’t require too much from their devices or don’t need to run more resource intensive applications, like if you’re just using it for school work or handling office related documents.

This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that in 2020, Google’s Chromebooks actually saw a surge in demand where based on the latest data from Canalys, it appears that the number of Chromebook shipments quadrupled. It was estimated that for Q4 2020, a total of over 11 million units of Chromebooks were shipped out.

This is versus the same quarter in 2019 where it was estimated that there were about 2.5 million units shipped. HP seems to have been the biggest winner in this where they shipped about 3.5 million units, while Lenovo came in close at 2.8 million units, but in terms of growth, Lenovo was the winner as it saw a 1,766% growth in Chromebook devices.

Like we said, Chromebooks are a good and cheaper alternative to Windows and Mac laptops out there. The fact that it can also run Android apps makes it appealing for those who are on the move and want a deeper integration with Google’s products and services.

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