When it comes to the relationship between Google and publishers, it’s a bit complicated. Without Google, a lot of websites and articles might not necessarily be found that easily, but without these websites and content, there really wouldn’t be a reason for Google to have existed in the first place.

Google has, over the years, made changes to its website to try and surface as much information as possible. In turn, this has frustrated publishers who feel that they should get paid for Google using some of their content on its website. The good news for publishers over in France is that Google will now pay publishers to use snippets in their news.

Prior to that, Google was kind of against the idea, where they argued that the use of their services helped these websites gain traffic. However, thanks to France implementing what is called “neighboring rights”, it forces companies like Google (and Facebook) to pay publishers for the right to use their content.

France isn’t alone in trying to advocate for publishers. Over in Australia, the country’s consumer watchdog was supposed to propose a code of conduct back in 2020 that would essentially force companies like Google to pay publishers.

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