Ideally, we would all drive cars powered by renewable energy, but it’s hard to make people change, especially when for many decades, we’ve been used to the idea of gas-powered vehicles. This is why the state of Massachusetts has announced that by 2035, they will ban the sale of new gas-powered cars.

What this means is that after 2035, if you want to buy a brand new car, it will have to be one that isn’t powered by gas, such as an electric car, or maybe even a hydrogen-powered car assuming those become mainstream. This doesn’t mean that gas will no longer be available and that existing gas-powered cars will become obsolete.

Those seeking a gas-powered car can still buy them, but they will have to be sold as a secondhand uni, so if you don’t mind buying something pre-owned, then this will be the only solution moving forwards. The state has plans to eventually become carbon neutral by 2050, but at the same time they are also realistic in their expectations.

They note that in the heavy-duty vehicle sector, there aren’t that many zero-emission alternatives, at least not at the moment, so they plan to adopt a more flexible approach in that area. Massachusetts isn’t the first state to initiate such a proposal, nor is the US the first country to plan to phase out cars powered by fossil fuels. 2035 is still quite a long way to go, but it might not be a bad idea to start considering an electric for your next vehicle purchase.

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