As some of you might have just seen, Xiaomi recently took the wraps off the Mi Air Charge Technology. This is a wireless charging system that’s truly wireless, where your device does not need to be placed on a mat or have magnets stuck to it for it to work. However, it turns out Xiaomi isn’t alone.

Motorola has also recently shown off their own wireless charging technology, although it seems that this was revealed in a post made on Weibo in a less official way. The video above, for those who can’t understand Mandarin, basically shows two handsets that when placed near the charging beacon will begin charging.

The video also shows how far a phone can be before it starts charging, which the video demonstrated at 100cm. What’s interesting about this is that unlike the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology, which the company claims isn’t blocked by obstacles, Motorola’s version will stop charging devices when it detects an object in front of it.

This might seem like a bad thing, but it is possible that it could be due to health concerns, where it could help allay the fears that some people might have regarding radio waves and how it might affect the human body. Not much else is known about this, but it does sound pretty exciting!

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