For years, it has been reported that Apple was working on a new wireless charging system that could charge devices without wires, cables, charging mats, and so on. The company has filed many patents for it over the years, but they have never materialized. Even MagSafe, Apple’s most recent efforts, still doesn’t quite feel like the future we were hoping for.

However, it seems that Xiaomi has since beaten all its rivals to the punch. The company has announced the Mi Air Charge Technology, which is basically like a beacon of sorts that will emit charging waves that will charge devices all around it and in its vicinity. Xiaomi claims that users won’t need to stay still or keep their devices idle for it to charge, basically if you’re near it, it will begin charging.

This is a huge deal as it could signal the start of the end of cables. Heck, there have been multiple reports in the past of smartphone makers who are considering abandoning all ports, so this seems like a step in that direction. Unfortunately, it seems that in its current iteration, the charging speeds offered by the Mi Air Charge is at a glacial 5W, and that the phone in question needs to have a special antenna array to receive these charging waves, so it won’t work right out of the box for all devices.

Before you get too excited though, Xiaomi does point out that it could still be a while before this technology is available as a consumer product, so it looks like we won’t be getting our hands on it anytime soon.

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