The vast majority of laptops out there still use LCDs as their display of choice. There is a reason why, and that is because LCDs are cheaper to produce, especially at larger sizes. This isn’t to say that OLED laptops don’t exist, but LCD is still a much popular configuration. However, Samsung is hoping to change that, and then some.

Samsung Display has announced that they will be producing 90Hz OLED displays designed for laptops. This means that not only can we expect to see more OLED laptops hit the market, but they will be offered at a higher 90Hz refresh rate, versus the current standard which is set at 60Hz.

It’s actually interesting to see how laptops are now starting to adopt faster refresh rates. High refresh rates used to be more or less exclusive to external displays, and later we started to see it make its way to smartphones, so it looks like laptops are finally starting to play catchup. Granted, 90Hz isn’t quite as fast or smooth compared to 120Hz or 144Hz refresh rates, but they could still be a welcome upgrade.

According to the company, most users probably won’t be able to notice the difference, as they claim that in terms of blur strength and smearing, a 90Hz OLED is almost on par with a 120Hz LCD. While Samsung Display did not name names, they did say that several “global IT companies” are expected to release new laptops using their new displays later this year.

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